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Does Solar Increase Property Value? | Solar Pitfalls When Buying A House | Oakland | Alameda

Are you planning to add solar to your property or make an offer to a property that has solar in it? Solar power systems are near and dear to my heart as I used to sell them before, when I was training ...

Investment Properties in East Bay | Tips for East Bay Real Estate Investors

A lot of people think that investing in a rental property is one of their best investment decisions. Since I also own investment properties in East Bay aside from selling residential real estate and ...

How to Estimate Closing Costs as a Homebuyer | Buyer’s Net Sheet

A lot of times, my clients are always asking me "Hey! How do I know how much cash do I need to bring in to close this deal outside of my down payment?" Today, I'll walk you through how exactly I ...

What is Home Anyways? — East Bay’s housing market and real estate update for September 2020

The Title Report is often the most overlooked part of your disclosure packet but definitely something you need to spend a little time on. ...

Is the market speeding up or slowing down? — An East Bay real estate market update for late September 2020

As recently as last year, late September is usually the time that things start to slow down and start to sleep as we approach the holidays. As we get closer to October, there is typically less buyer ...

Have you been working out? | An East Bay real estate market update amid COVID, BLM activism, wild fires, Unemployment, and all the news of people leaving the state

“Have you been working out? You look great and I’m impressed with how much you can lift these days.” That’s my attempt at a joke regarding the East Bay real estate market right now. Seriously ...

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