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Joe Biden’s Tax Plan | What It Potentially Means for Real Estate

Today we're talking about Joe Biden's tax plan and what I think it means for East Bay real estate. Whether you voted for Joe Biden or not, we're looking at a new tax plan. In this video, we're going...
youtube thumbnail for 2021 Market Crash? Why we ARE NOT in a housing bubble.

2021 Market Crash? Why we ARE NOT in a housing bubble.

Is the bay area housing bubble going to pop soon? My prediction? No. Because we're actually not in a bubble. Before you make a judgment on this video because it's a real estate agent talking about...
youtube thumbnail for What Real Estate Ads REALLY mean

What Real Estate Ads REALLY mean | Homebuyer Tips

As a homebuyer, have you ever experienced reading descriptions of properties, only to find out upon walking in that it’s nothing like advertised? It’s the old bait and switch that a lot of...
youtube thumbnail for Buyer Love Letters Can Lead To Lawsuits?

Buyer Love Letters Can Lead To Lawsuits?

If you've ever written an offer in a competitive real estate market, like what we have here in East Bay, you've probably come across this very standard practice of writing the seller a buyer love...
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Is it possible to buy your dream home if you have less than 20% of the down payment saved up? The median property in East Bay typically costs around $800,000. Therefore, a 20% down payment would mean...
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Does Solar Increase Property Value? | Solar Pitfalls When Buying A House | Oakland | Alameda

Are you planning to add solar to your property or make an offer to a property that has solar in it? Solar power systems are near and dear to my heart as I used to sell them before, when I was training...

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