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Homebuyer Tips | Why You Should Read Your Natural Hazard Report

The Title Report is often the most overlooked part of your disclosure packet but definitely something you need to spend a little time on. ...

Negotiations Part 3 | 7 Strategies for Home Buyers and Sellers | Bay Area Real Estate Tips

So you’ve watched my Real Estate negotiation tips for home buyers and sellers. This time let’s talk about other general strategies you can do to better your chances when negotiating to officially ...

Negotiation Tips for Home Buyers | What You Should Know and What You Should Expect

Whether it’s your first time or your nth time buying a house, the negotiation with the seller can be tricky. The last thing home buyers would want to hear from a seller is a NO that’s why they ...

Comping Houses Like A Pro

After hours and days and weeks of searching, you’ve finally found the house of your dreams. The first step to really owning that house? You now have to make an offer. But how do you figure out when an ...

Buyer Opportunities in a Sellers Market | How can a first time home buyer win in the Bay Area?

Imagine this: after days and days of searching online, you’ve finally found a house that matches all that you’re looking for in a home. You decide to visit it, end up liking it even more, but then ...

East Bay Real Estate Point of Sale Ordinances Explained | Don’t Make An EXPENSIVE Mistake!

Most people who want to buy a house in the East Bay think about comps and floor plans. Those are important but you should also be aware of all the Point of Sale ordinances that come along with buying ...

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