The East Bay's best kept secret is the Island City of Alameda and the adjoining peninsula of Bay Farm Island.

Our Favorites in the Area

Alameda is where we call home and we are passionate about this city. Here's why.

From the quiet treelined streets, rich and varied architecture, and thriving community, Alameda is truly a special place to live. The pace of life slows just a bit as speed limit drops to 25 MPH, a reprieve that locals will tell you sets this place apart from the hustle and bustle of the East Bay. On any given day, you'll see residents walking, biking, or jogging on the many island paths with unobstructed views of the San Francisco Bay and city skyline, or simply sitting on the beach enjoying the sunset. The community is tight-knit; it's not uncommon to know many of your neighbors and local business owners. If you're looking for a strong community, a calming pace of life and beauty at every turn, look no further.
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Neighborhood Features


Alameda, a tight knit and diverse community, is known for its small-town vibe despite its proximity to Oakland and San Francisco. The people are friendly, the community is vibrant, and the pace of life is a touch slower in the Island City.

Download the guide below to learn about the distinct neighborhoods in Alameda, along with our recommendations of where to eat, drink, and do in each one.


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