5 Most Underrated places to live in Alameda, CA

5 Most Underrated places to live in Alameda, CA

Many wonder where the up-and-coming properties are located, the places that aren’t in the spotlight but hold great potential. While we often discuss the best neighborhoods, today we’re shining a spotlight on those hidden gems that often go overlooked. Join us as we dive into our list of the 5 most underrated streets and neighborhoods in Alameda, California.

A Quick Overview of Alameda, California

Alameda is an island city in the San Francisco Bay Area, nestled in the East Bay, just across the estuary from Oakland. It comprises both the main island and Bay Farm Island, which is, in reality, a peninsula and it’s a fantastic place to call home.

Hans and I have lived here for over 10 years. We work here, we play here. It’s just a fabulous place to be. With that said, let’s explore the most underrated places in Alameda.

1. The West End

Number one on our list is the West End, an area framed by Webster, Central, and Lincoln. It’s not typically the first place that comes to mind when people think about Alameda, but it’s a hidden gem of a neighborhood. With low turnover rates, residents tend to stay here for extended periods.

The streets in the West End are calm and peaceful, fostering a strong sense of community. You’ll find convenience in walking to Webster Street, and there’s a fantastic bike path that leads you straight to the naval base, offering easy access to Spirit’s Alley, local breweries, and the Bladium for soccer enthusiasts.

This neighborhood also provides excellent access options, and you can swiftly traverse the tube to Oakland when needed. Furthermore, it’s within walking distance to Crab Cove Beach, adding to its charm as a well-situated and underrated neighborhood.

2. Central Alameda

The second most underrated place in Alameda is what we refer to as Central Alameda. It may not have the recognized name like the Gold Coast or the Fernside, but when you examine the island, it’s essentially situated in the middle. Specifically, we’re focusing on the neighborhood bounded by Grand, Clement, Lincoln, and Park Street.

Historically, this area has had an industrial character, with numerous auto shops dotting the neighborhood. However, it also boasts charming properties, delightful communities, and some exceptionally picturesque blocks, rivaling those found anywhere on the island. Recently, this area has shown potential for substantial appreciation due to ongoing developments, such as condos and park projects along Clement Avenue that provide access to the waterfront.

Moreover, it’s relatively convenient to reach Park Street from this location, and residents here fall within the Alameda High School District, contributing to its ranking as the second most underrated place on our list.


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3. Alameda Avenue

Now, let’s move on to number three on our list of the most underrated areas of Alameda, and this spot is none other than Alameda Avenue.

Alameda Avenue is a lovely tree-lined street that runs from Alameda High School towards the Gold Coast. It exudes charm and typically experiences minimal traffic, making it a popular choice for pedestrians and cyclists.

Furthermore, it offers convenient access to Park Street, a hub for dining and entertainment. Alameda Avenue also serves as a gateway to other delightful pockets of the island, such as the area where you’ll find the Blue Dot Cafe. Its central location and the presence of beautiful homes along the street make it an excellent choice for those looking to settle in Alameda.

4. Cedar and Laurel Streets

Now, let’s move on to our fourth spot on the list, a charming enclave nestled between Otis, the Lagoon, and Park Street. Specifically, it’s situated at the corner right across from South Shore Center, at the intersection of Cedar and Laurel Street. This is another hidden gem, featuring mature trees and stunning properties.

Tucked away in this corner, it offers easy access not only to Park Street but also to South Shore. Generally, it’s a quiet and peaceful area. As you proceed onto Oak Street, you might encounter a bit more traffic noise from Park Street itself, but these two streets are set back enough to create a serene oasis in this overlooked corner of Alameda. So if you do see a house for sale on either of those streets, make sure you go for a look, they’re definitely worth a visit.

5. Grove Street

Finally, number five on our list of the top five most underrated areas of Alameda is a little pocket in the East End that is right at Jackson and Grove Street. This hidden gem is located in the East End which is already a highly sought-after area on the island.

What makes Grove Street stand out is its deep lots, offering larger properties with spacious backyards. It boasts a tree-lined, tranquil street, adding to its charm. It’s just one of these pockets that when you see a home come up, it’s always a good one to take a look at.

Additionally, it provides easy access to Encinal Market and Feel Good Bakery, both just around the corner and a couple of blocks away. The only minor drawback is that you may need to cross what’s considered a relatively busy street to reach most of the public schools in the East End district. However, this inconvenience is outweighed by the generous lot sizes, tree-lined streets, and the delightful architecture found in this neighborhood.

WE hope our list of the 5 Most Underrated places to live in Alameda, CA has helped you.

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5 Most Underrated places to live in Alameda, CA

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5 Most Underrated places to live in Alameda, CA

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