Top 5 Neighborhoods to Consider When Relocating to Alameda, CA

Top 5 Neighborhoods to Consider When Relocating to Alameda, CA

With over a decade of living and working here in Alameda, we’ve had ample opportunities to explore and, in many cases, call some of these diverse neighborhoods home. So today, we’re here to introduce you to the top 5 neighborhoods in Alameda, California. If you’re contemplating a move to this area, this video is a must-watch.

A Quick Overview of Alameda, California

Alameda is an island city situated within the San Francisco Bay Area. It’s located in the East Bay, just a short distance from Oakland, California, across the estuary. Alameda comprises not only the primary island but also Bay Farm Island, which is essentially a peninsula near the Oakland Airport.

The city is home to approximately 78,000 residents, and as Hans mentioned in the video, we have a deep affection for this place. We’re truly thrilled to guide you through the top five neighborhoods, so let’s dive in.

1. The Fernside

We’ve chosen Fernside as our number one neighborhood for several compelling reasons. Firstly, it boasts architectural diversity, with a wide range of housing styles, including smaller and larger homes. The neighborhood is adorned with beautiful, mature trees, well-maintained streets, and a strong sense of community. This variety extends to the housing stock, offering an array of options for residents.

What further distinguishes Fernside is its zoning for Edison Elementary, widely regarded as one of the top elementary schools in Alameda, according to popular sentiment. It’s a crucial factor that has influenced our selection for the top five list.

Moreover, Fernside offers a convenient commute both onto and off the island. Accessible routes such as High Street and the Fruitvale Bridge provide easy connections to Interstate 80, which gets you to the rest of the East Bay in no time at all.

2. The Gold Coast

Ranked at number two on our list of top five Alameda neighborhoods is the Gold Coast. 

Now, this is where we live and we were tempted to put this as number one, as many people do see this as the top neighborhood in Alameda. However, the homes here are larger and so the entry point to get into this neighborhood is higher.  Additionally, the Gold Coast doesn’t offer the same range of home sizes that you’ll find in Fernside.

Nonetheless, the Gold Coast boasts several attractive features. Many of the homes are situated on quiet, dead-end streets, a highly desirable feature. The streets are lined with picturesque, mature trees, creating a visually stunning environment. There’s a strong sense of community in this neighborhood, with plenty of children playing in the streets. Anchoring the Gold Coast is Franklin Park, which also houses Franklin Elementary, an excellent elementary school. The park itself serves as a gathering place for community members and offers amenities like tennis courts and a pool.


If you’re interested in exploring these neighborhoods in greater detail, we’ve compiled an Alameda Relocation Guide. This comprehensive guide covers all of Alameda’s neighborhoods, schools, population density, parking options, dining choices, and more.

Download the guide by filling out the form below: 

3. Harbor Bay

Number three on our list of Alameda neighborhoods is Harbor Bay. While some might find this choice a bit controversial, let’s delve into the details. Harbor Bay is a housing development established on Bay Farm Island during the 1960s to the 1980s. Consequently, many of the homes are comparatively newer. While architectural diversity is limited in Harbor Bay, residents benefit from modern construction, updated floor plans, conveniences like second-level laundry facilities, ample closet space, and the absence of knob and tube wiring.

One notable aspect of Harbor Bay is its well-considered urban planning and design. The neighborhood boasts abundant green belts, pedestrian pathways, and strategically placed parks, creating cozy, well-connected communities. Many find the lifestyle in Harbor Bay simpler and more convenient due to the newness of the homes and the thoughtfully laid-out neighborhoods.

It’s important to note that depending on which specific community you reside in within Harbor Bay (there are about eight under its umbrella), you may experience some airplane noise from the nearby Oakland Airport. On the flip side, you’ll enjoy proximity to a ferry terminal offering convenient access to San Francisco.

There are both pros and cons to consider. While Harbor Bay is somewhat disconnected from the rest of Alameda, it is renowned for its family-friendly atmosphere and ease of living. The newer construction also means you won’t encounter the issues often associated with older homes.

4. The Bronze Coast

Coming in at number four on our list of Alameda neighborhoods is the Bronze Coast. This happens to be a neighborhood we’ve also called home, and it’s truly a fantastic place to live. What sets the Bronze Coast apart is its housing diversity, offering a range of housing types from single-family homes to apartment and condo complexes.

One of the standout features of the Bronze Coast is its inclusion in the Alameda High School District, as opposed to the Encinal District, which typically holds a slightly higher ranking. This appeals to many families.

The Bronze Coast is known for its vibrant community spirit. It’s common to spot residents strolling the streets, engaging in friendly conversations with neighbors, and fostering a strong sense of camaraderie. Another advantage is its close proximity to Park Street. Whether you prefer a leisurely walk to dinner or a bike ride along the quieter streets like San Jose, accessing dining options is incredibly convenient in this neighborhood.

5. The East End

Completing our list of the top five neighborhoods in Alameda is the East End. While Fernside is also situated in the East End, the adjacent neighborhood within the Otis School District is generally referred to as the East End. What you’ll discover here is a captivating array of housing styles.

In the East End, you’ll encounter charming bungalows nestled alongside unique homes that have undergone multiple expansions, as well as beautifully preserved Victorians. The neighborhood offers a wide range of price points, catering to entry-level buyers starting from the lower end of eight to nine hundred thousand dollars, all the way up to a few million dollars in select cases.

One distinctive feature of the East End is its peaceful ambiance. It’s a serene, low-density area with minimal multifamily or apartment buildings. Despite the occasional eccentricity in the housing stock, the neighborhood is generally highly sought after.

The East End boasts a robust sense of community, making it a valuable addition to our list of the top five neighborhoods.

WE hope our list of the Top 5 Neighborhoods to Consider When Relocating to Alameda, CA has helped you.

If we can give you more context on the process of buying or selling your home, please do not hesitate to reach out. Our information is below. 

Here’s to all your success! 

Living in Alameda, California: A Complete Guide

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Living in Alameda, California: A Complete Guide

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