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Remove Your CONTINGENCIES? | First Time Home Buyer Contingencies | Bay Area Real Estate Competition

Do you have to remove your contingencies to be competitive in the Bay Area real estate market?In this video, I will be talking about three of the most typical contingencies you need to focus on ...

Don’t use a San Francisco agent to buy a house in the East Bay | Dangers of an Out -of-Town Agent

Thinking of using a San Francisco agent to help you buy your home in the East Bay? Think again. While there are exceptions to every rule, by and large, you are not doing yourself a favor when you use ...

Does teaser pricing work? | Frustrated by the East Bay’s Home Pricing Strategy? | Transparent Price

Frustrated by the East Bay’s Teaser Pricing? Why do homes list 20%, 30%, or even 50% below the ultimate sales price? How is a buyer supposed to know? Has COVID impacted this strategy? These are ...

Why People Hate Real Estate Agents? | Why Do Real Estate Agents Suck? | How to Choose the Best Agent

Why do people hate real estate agents? Why do they think they suck? I've figured it out and it's probably not what you expected to hear. ...

5 Things not to say when buying a house in the COVID market | Home Buying Mistakes in the Bay Area

As more inventory comes on the market and we adjust to the new normal, a new set of rules/strategies apply. Here are the 5 things you should not say when you are trying to buy a home in the Bay Area ...

7 First Time Home Buyer Questions | First Time Bay Area Home Buyer Questions | Home Buying Questions

So, you're thinking about buying a home in the Bay Area? I bet you have a ton of questions. You aren't alone.After working with many of people just like you, Ive realized that the same questions ...

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