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exuberant spending youtube thumbnail

Exuberant Spending | Bay Area Housing Market Update Q2 2021

"A housing bubble is started by excessive demand, then it leads to inadequate supply, and then exuberant spending really pushes and inflates the housing bubble further." With all these bidding wars in...
short sales youtube thumbnail

Buying A Foreclosure vs Short Sale | 2021

Short Sales versus Foreclosures. This is a topic that I've done a few videos on relative to the foreclosure side of things. Now, I've been seeing a lot of people ask about them again, especially since...
inspection contingency youtube thumbnail

Should you waive your Inspection Contingency? | Housing Market 2021

My parents told me that I should get my own inspector, what do you think? Today, we are talking about the inspection contingency and, specifically, how to do due diligence on your house before writing...
loan contingency youtube thumbnail

Should you waive your Loan Contingency? | Housing Market 2021

We've been talking about contingencies for the last couple of videos. Today, let's talk about the third one and arguably the most critical one if you’re applying for a loan—the loan contingency...
appraisal contingency youtube thumbnail

Should you waive your Appraisal Contingency? What is a Contingency? | Housing Market 2021

You've submitted your offer, and you just received a counter from the seller, and it says that they want you to remove your appraisal contingency—should you? Today, let’s talk about contingencies...
leaving California youtube thumbnail

Are People Leaving California En Masse? | The CA Mass Exodus

Do you believe that people are leaving California en masse? Well, if you do, I've got a bridge in Brooklyn for sale; it's got your name on it. Kidding aside, today we're talking about the California...

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