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renting versus buying youtube thumbnail

Renting versus Buying a House in the Bay Area

It's the question that's older than time itself: chocolate or vanilla, left or right, ask directions or just go for it, rent or buy? Because you have made it clear that this is a topic of interest...
pocket listings youtube thumbnail

What are Pocket Listings in Real Estate? | Real Estate Market 2021

If you clicked on this video, you're clearly interested in pocket listings, how to find them, what they are, and what it means to you in the East Bay real estate market. And that's what I want to talk...
appraisal lower than expected youtube thumbnail

Appraisal Lower Than Purchase Price | Real Estate Market 2021

Even though everybody said it's impossible to get your offer accepted, you still did. You succeeded. You won—congratulations! The contract is now signed and ratified, and your earnest money is in...
market price vs market value youtube thumbnail

Market Price Vs. Market Value | Bay Area Market Update Q2

Today, we're going to talk about something a little different than what we usually talk about—the distinction between market price and market value. I wanted to do this as sort of a market update...
zombie foreclosure youtube thumbnail

What is a Zombie Foreclosure?

A Zombie Foreclosure, other than just being a really fun name, is an opportunity for you to get a killer deal in this market. No zombie pun intended! It is another iteration of foreclosure that you...
exuberant spending youtube thumbnail

Exuberant Spending | Bay Area Housing Market Update Q2 2021

"A housing bubble is started by excessive demand, then it leads to inadequate supply, and then exuberant spending really pushes and inflates the housing bubble further." With all these bidding wars in...

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youtube thumbnail for Why Have The Interest Rates Gone Up?

Why Have The Interest Rates Gone Up?

What is going on with Mortgage rates? Why are they going up instead of down? Since I am not a lender, I have asked my good friend and lending partner Hunter Markwardt to talk about what he is seeing...
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