Confessions of a First Time Home Buyer/Realtor

My wife and I just bought a house. We’re in the process of moving in and it really inspired me as a first time home buyer to make this video because it’s putting me through a very different experience than I normally go through.

Even though we own some investment properties and I’ve previously flipped a house, actually moving in is still kind of crazy. So for this video, I wanted to share about the psychology of moving in—some thoughts and tips that came to my mind in the hopes that these will also help walk you through what to expect once you officially close the deal and get to move in.

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What no one tells you about buying a house

Walking through this house, you’ll see that our lives are completely in chaos. Actually, part of why I’m doing this video selfie style is because my normal studio setup is still in boxes. As you can see, from watching the video, we’ve had some painting and floor refinishing done.

But aside from that, the biggest thing that I’ve noticed here in this whole process of moving, storing things, packing things, unpacking things, and just being a first time home buyer overall, is this feeling of your life being utterly turned upside down. You don’t know which way is up, you don’t even know where your silverware is. You are trying to relearn your normal routines, what switches turn on what lights, how to walk through the house in the dark and so on. It’s really disorienting. Especially when you get really excited about your first home or a new home.

You think this is going to be just the coolest thing ever, which it is. But, you can have some negative feelings creep in and really taint the experience. 

That part where you second guess everything

And then you start to second guess yourself, should we have done this? Was this a really good decision? Do we pay too much? What about this repair? What about the new block? How about the running route? The new commute? All these stuff change very, very abruptly. Like literally overnight, because that’s when you close your house. And it’s utterly, you know, fascinating, but also just disturbing in some ways because of how intrusive it is.

Let me just give you a quick look at what I’m talking about. See below:

This is our garage with all of our things in it. We’ve been trying to unpack, and slowly move out of these boxes. But just so you know, this is the kind of thing that all of you guys who were buying and selling real estate will end up with in some way. Maybe your garage won’t be stacked full with stuff like this, but it’ll feel that way at some point. Meanwhile, our kitchen is also halfway there. As you can see, it’s like we’re living in a construction zone. And this kind of thing, while it’s really exciting, because you’re seeing all these amazing changes, and you’re so excited to find the perfect spot for the couch, or maybe do another remodel, and all that kind of stuff, it still feels crazy. Even the dog feels that way.

So if you’re a first time home buyer too, what then can you do? For me there are two things.

The first thing is to know that it's going to happen to you.

Expect it and be prepared for it already. Regardless of what price you’ve got the house for or how excited you are about the location, you’re still going to have this moment where your life is just going to feel like it’s an utter chaos. There are different versions of this experience. Perhaps you’re not going to know where the cable to your computer went, where your favorite mug is. It’s like, you’re going to have this experience regardless if you renovate or just move in as is. Not to mention the fact that you’re on a new block so your commute is going to be different, your drive to the store is going to be different, it’s all going to change.

Having that expectation that it’s not all going to be roses and sunshine is the best thing that you can do going into this process. Because it is really exciting and a lot of fun! There are so many great positives about it, but you will eventually feel something negative and it will potentially hinder your ability to enjoy your new place.

Just know that is coming. Be prepared for it. Think ahead. And speaking of thinking ahead, here’s a little packing tip: Before you pack, identify the things that you need to unpack first to make your new home really feel like home. It could be your bed, your pillow, your mug. Then, whatever that is for you, put that somewhere you can easily get it and unpack it, because that will immediately help you make it feel like home, even when the rest of your stuff is not unpacked, or perhaps, still in transit.

Secondly, just know that this is a new chapter for you.

I know, that’s easier said than done, but things are going to change. For example, the washer dryer is different. The dishwasher needs to be loaded differently. The shelves in  the fridge are in different places. A lot of things are different and I find myself comparing things to my old place. Even though these new appliances are legitimately better! It’s just really my tendency to compare things to how they were before. So this is my realization: If we can just sort of accept things like they’re a new chapter, new experiences, new routines, new places to put your things—it’s going to make you feel a lot better as you transition into your new home.

I hope my confessions about being a first time home buyer / realtor has helped you.

If I can give you more context on the process of buying or selling your home, please do not hesitate to reach out. My information is below. 

Here’s to all your success!

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